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Libeer.com features local breweries from Long Island. Your small business benefits by the foot traffic, that is generated by craft beer enthusiast. Currently, brew houses promote local events, that bring patrons by the bus load! Have you noticed,  the rise in the numbers of breweries in the last two years? Is your local business missing out?

Advertise your brunch, lunch and dinner Menus. We use twitter and Instagram to keep our visitors engaged with up to the minute content, why aren’t you!

Would you like to interact more with your customers. you can achieve two way communications easily and without updating your website. Simply claim your location on LIBEER.com. We will add the ability to show your tweets and or Instagram account pics!  Engage your current and perspective clients with beautiful samples of your lunch , brunch and dinner specialties with pictures!

Interested in adding your specials you can do that too! And all you need is a free twitter account and or Instagram account. Send updates right from your smart phone to your listing. Is your location already listed, your in luck? Take ownership (by going to your listing and clicking on the green flag). Don’t see your site?  You can choose to add it yourself or simply contact us and we will add it for you.

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