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Congratulations to Long Ireland Beer Company on winning this year’s Brew’d Competition at the Long Island Craft Classic! If you didn’t get to..

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Currently we do not have news of a local event for this Brewer.


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LiBeer.com is based on social media with a focus on Long Island craft beer brewers. Our tap updates are in near real time by its patrons. We have gathered all the craft beer houses on Long Island  and added interactive maps to guide you to your destination.

We all have to eat, we have included local Long Island Craft beer eateries within walking distance from the brew house. ¬†Included are reviews and contact numbers to guide you with your dinning choice. When possible street views as presented by search engine¬†mapping services are provided for you. Don’t worry we get lost too, we provide street views when possible to familiarize so you can feel like a local. feeling relaxed don’t want to burn off those hops; local cab services are posted just in case you enjoy that awesome Long Island Craft beer brew beyond the legal limit (wink with a nod).

We think pictures speak a thousand words so, we have gathered the latest brew house staff and owners pictures that are posted through social media. We like to think of it as the digital 15 minutes of fame.  Who knows if you are extra nice to your bartender you just might end up in pictures!

Are you a brew house fan, interested in what the staff and brewery owners are saying? Check the news boards for the latest information. We hope you enjoy the site and its content, and remember to relax its all local.

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